Embrace Nothing

Ashley Armstrong


1 minute version

3 minute version

11 minute version


We are lost, floating through Nothing on this planet we call home. Miniscule in the eyes of of Everything. Wandering through our world as if we are everything when really we are nothing. Compared to the masive expanse that is the universe, we practically don't exist. But we do exist. In a small corner of the universe our entire world takes up space in the vast expanse of Everything. We each have our own lives. our own thoughts, dreams, fears, memories. We exist with each other on our tiny blue planet. Embrace each other. Embrace our world. Embrace Nothing.

Sound in Space

While there is technically no sound in space, there are electromagnetic vibrations that occur along similar wavelengths as the sounds that we can hear. NASA designed special technology to record these particular wavelengths and convert them into ones that we can hear. The sounds are very haunting and beautiful and I used a few of them in my sound installation.

Artist Statement


Embrace Nothing is an eleven minute sound file that takes the listener on a journey through space. It begins on Earth and goes to the end of our solar system. Throughout the entirety of the piece there is the sounds of crowd chatter and a constant white noise.


My purpose with Embrace Nothing is to show that we inhabit a very small portion of a very large universe. As a result of this I feel that it is even more important for us to form a connection with each other and make a community of strong connections. Being such a miniscule part of something makes it all that more important that we work hard and work together to leave a mark in the vast expanse of Nothing.


I am always heavily influenced by the desire to create. In this case it is also my love for the mysteriousness of space and wanting to work with the haunting and beautiful sounds that come out of it. The ideas for my purpose are based on my own outlook on the way we live in this universe. These ideas are based on the bit of research that I have done with the philosophy of existentialism.


For this sound work I had the white noise and crowd chatter throughout the whole piece. For each of the space sound files I cut each of them down to one minute and ten seconds and did five second fade ins and outs and set them one after the other. To do all this, I did all of the editing in the Audacity program.


Going into this I knew that I wanted to do something with the recordings of the sounds that can be 'heard' in space but I didn't know exactly what. After talking to some people I decided to do a trip through space. I am happy with how it turned out. It wasn't what I expected to happen but I feel that it is better than I originally thought it would be.