Artist Statement: The Spirit of dogs lives on through new dogs

I knew from the very beginning of this project that I wanted to do a story related to dogs. I was not sure if I wanted to focus on my dogs or dogs in general. After a lot of thought, I decided to create a story about the dogs that have entered my life and the spirit that dogs bring with them. Losing an animal can be a deeply emotional process, but sometimes it feels as though the spirits of old dogs are present in the new dogs that enter our lives. After experimenting through several platforms, I decided to use Premiere Pro to tell my story because I wanted the personal touch of a voice over to add to the story while using pictures as aids. Some may think that this project is simple, but they do not realize that is the goal. It is easy to get distracted through other storytelling forms such as animations and choose your own path adventure stores and I did not want that to happen to my story. It ended up just the way that I wanted it to. The fade between images while my voice is still going prevents the viewer from getting annoyed. If my project was any longer, I believe it would become dry so it is the exact length that I wanted it to be. I will eventually create a comic with the same story line to help keep the project alive through the use of different mediums.