Noisy Apples

AJ Schock


Noisy Apples is a 1 minute and 37 second long sound installation for a course midterm project. Noisy Apples depicts the sounds someone might hear when preparing apples for juice, pie, or other apple products. Technological or edible, apples have significance in our society.


To create this sound installation, I made a list of various sounds someone could obtain from altering the apple or apple product itself. I then recorded some of these sounds and compiled them together to create a narrative of an apple changing its shape.


Noisy Apples depicts sounds made by altering an apple or apple product. These sounds include: chopping, slicing, coring, biting, blending, and breaking an apple or apple product. I also gathered stationary, non-edible, apple-related products such as apple shaped bottles, apple tree sprigs, flowerpots, and apple shaped trinkets.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this work is to illustrate the various sounds one might hear while eating or interacting with an apple or apple product.


The main influence for Noisy Apples was a pomegranate juice bottle. The first thought in creating this sound installation was to cut a Martinelli’s glass apple juice bottle at the bottom and place a speaker inside to be my sound source. Ultimately, I could not obtain a glasscutter in time and had to alter my initial plans, but the POM bottle remains as my main influence for this work.

Fit within Larger Notion of Aesthetics

Again, my intention was to utilize a glass bottle shaped like an apple and have speaker sit in said bottle and be the main sound source. My tools were lacking, and I was unable to do this. Instead, I used a flowerpot, and set the bottles around the flowerpot so they could still be incorporated into the work. Handmade Disaster: Deluge by Sasha Grbich shows (visually) how I wanted Noisy Apples to appear. In respects to the sound, Noisy Apples is not nearly as immersive as Grbich’s work utilizing the sounds of rain and storms.

Materials & Methodology

In creating Noisy Apples I used my cell phone to record the sounds that the apples made and found the Apple computer sounds online. I used GarageBand to compile and remix the sounds together. In the installation itself, I used a small Bluetooth speaker and a flowerpot to act as my sound source. I compiled various apple shaped objects and placed them around the flowerpot speaker for artistic value. The archival website was handcoded using HTML5 and CSS3.


I hoped to achieve a sense of recognition through Noisy Apples. In Washington, the apple is the state fruit, thus everyone should have engaged with one at some point in their life, and therefore should recognize at least one sound in my installation.

Self Reflection

The intention of this work was to convey the essence of change and the underlying meaning of words by using an apple. An apple can represent a fruit, a state, a computer, growth, and more. This meaning is more for me as the creator, rather than the listener.