The Trophy Case

AJ Schock


The Trophy Case is a short sound installation for the exhibition Divine Sounds. The Trophy Case exemplifies sounds one might hear while competing in volleyball, bowling, and softball. While competing is not for everybody, a sense of satisfaction or pride is important in life.


To complete this sound installation, I gathered sounds, trophies, pictures, and iconic pieces of equipment from three different sports: Volleyball, bowling, and softball. To obtain my sounds, I went to the sports respective events and used sound effects from


The Trophy Case exemplifies sounds one might hear while earning or receiving a trophy. Sounds will include cheering, the sound of the sport or competition setting, people talking in the setting, and the sounds of the win or loss from the individual or team competing.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this work is to exemplify the atmosphere in competition and engage the audience in a healthy amount of satisfaction, pride, and defeat.


One of the major influences behind The Trophy Case was the bowling tournament association Junior Bowlers Tour. The Junior Bowlers Tour gives junior bowlers in the PNW and southwestern areas of the United States a chance to compete on tough conditions and earn scholarship money.

Fit within Larger Notion of Aesthetics

Through the research I have done for this installation I have not found any sound installations quite like mine. While I am quite new to the sound installation scene, I hope to find something soon that uses similar ideas to The Trophy Case.

Materials & Methodology

In creating The Trophy Case I located a bookshelf in Divine Consign and gathered pictures, trophies, and equipment from each sport. I used sounds I recorded myself at each respective sporting event and free sounds from To develop my sound file, I used GarageBand and my archival webpage was hand-coded using HTML5 and CSS3.


I am happy with how my sound installation turned out, but there were some methodology issues in my plans. I had hoped to obtain more sounds from venues near home, but time and weather got the best of me. Since this project was done in the spring, softball was one of the sports in season. Sadly, it was one of the wettest springs we have had in a while and I was unable to find my own sounds for softball (or volleyball for that matter). In the future, I would plan better and make backup plans in case of weather delay.

Self Reflection

As I stated in my outcomes section, I was not happy with how I made use of my time for this project. I believe that I did achieve the senses of satisfaction, pride, and defeat, but I feel that I could have achieved even greater senses if I had obtained more of my own sounds. .