What Is A Starfruit?


Starfruit, also known as carambola or star apple, is a tropical fruit that resembles the shape of a star. Starfruit is a juicy tropical fruit grown in Southeast Asia, Australia, and South America along with Hawaii and Florida. Some of the common varieties include: King, Bell, Sri Kembangan, Arkin, and Fwang Tung.

When is Starfruit Harvested?

Once a starfruit tree is mature, it is capable of producing up to 200 pounds of fruit per year. Since starfruit only grows is warm climates, the harvest season can vary. Most of the time, The peak season for starfruit occurs during an eight-month period starting from July through February.

Where Are Starfruit Grown?

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  • Thrives in subtropical and tropical climates


  • Does well with regular watering and needs good drainage


  • Plant in full sunlight
  • Trees planted in an area that is protected or sheltered from the wind is going to do better