About This Project

This is a narrative project where the user is an active narrator through a network of media files. It is a non-linear narration since the user has access to all the different pages at the same time through the navigation bar. My focus was on starfruit because it is something that I personally enjoy and find unique. Starfruit is not commonly consumed in the United States, so I decided to make my project based on the history, benefits, and things you can do with starfruit.
I tried to style this project in a modern way. This contrasts the other styles that I used for the previous projects with bold horizontal lines that reach both ends of the window rather than rounded squares that partially fill up the window. It's difficult to keep the different pages consistent, when there are many ideas for making the website a little more interactive. With the help of others, I learned how to use the hover effect that I wanted to add to pictures like the map on the home page. The most challenging parts were picking a topic and designing the layout for this project.