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Captive Light

John and William Dodge #008 POE 1990.001 Captive Light is a collaboration by the Dodge brothers, inspired by the “down east” dimension of time that allows Maritimers to disappear for days at a time into the invisible world on the … Continue reading

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Blood of Saints

Verbena Pastor #007 ALL 1990.001 Blood of Saints is a collection of six mysteries, which have as protagonists an unlikely detective team: an Italian police inspector, Sandro Guidi, and an officer in the German Army, Major Martin Bora. The time … Continue reading

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When Two Paths Crossed

Judy Greenwalt #006 LOV 1990.001 When Two Paths Crossed is a true story of two people from two different worlds in today’s society: one from the very rich world, and one from the working middle class. Both had ambition, dreams … Continue reading

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Confessions of Saint Thomas

Alex Stein #005 SPI 1990.001 Confessions of Saint Thomas is what I would call a fictive poetic. Complete with pictures for the reading impaired. Its modus tempora is representational, but its delights are fragrances. The smells of youth and the … Continue reading

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Peg (Margaret) Thornton #004 FAM 1990.001 Responses is the story of two sisters-in-law who have opposite attitudes toward life. The setting is in Vermont. All members of their families are affected by the attitudes of these two women, especially themselves.

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Land of The Lourie

Donna Allen #003 SOC 1990.003 The American wife of a South African farmer-yachtsman recounts an unusual life at the troubled tip of the continent, Land of The Lourie. Their travels covered the picturesque miles from the port of Cape Town, … Continue reading

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“Allan, You May Use Your Ballpoint Pen Now”

Allan Nichols #002 SOC 1990.002 In grade IV in Montreal on Fridays we had “spelling” in our good books with long fountain pens, which we had to dip in our ink wells and “write and spell properly.” We were marked … Continue reading

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The McNowski Papers

Donald McNowski #001 SOC 1990.001 The McNowski Papers is a collection of letters, responses and other stuff too from Burlington’s premier cultural critic, Donald McNowski. Patriotism, religion and America’s repression of drunk drivers are dealt with in a manner which … Continue reading

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