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Broken Pieces

Joseph DeRosa #026 SOC 1990.005 Broken Pieces grapples with the seeds of violence in a contemporary society on several levels: psychological, sociological, and spiritual. It is about people who gather together for community, who have nothing to offer one another … Continue reading

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. . . More Than Shadows

Marilyn Resnick #027 POE 1990.005 “Your heart will always make itself known through your words.” Oddly, I found those words in a fortune cookie on a sunny Memorial Day, 1990, just five years after the death of my Mother, a … Continue reading

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Just Routine

Stephen Musselman #025 FAM 1990.002 George Paxton, beloved father of three, former Big Leaguer, and now a somewhat frustrated New York City stockbroker disappears in a blizzard enroute home from his daily commute. What follows is a rare glimpse into … Continue reading

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356 Bits of Wisdom To Enrich Your Life

Albert Helzner #024 SPI 1990.004 365 Bits of Wisdom To Enrich Your Life contains 365 bits of advice, philosophy and observations that I have developed over my lifetime. The passages are written in calendar format so you can open it … Continue reading

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The Dioscuri

Michaele Benedict #021 LOV 1990.004 The Dioscuri is a novel set in Greece which incorporates myth, magic and music into a contemporary story. Madeline and Yanni, daughter and adopted son of an American Quaker doctor, are the “twins” who are … Continue reading

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The Myth in the Mountain

William Birns #023 POE 1990.004 The Myth in the Mountain is a collection of writing in three parts. Poems, a history and lyrical narrative set in Plattekill Valley of the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York.

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The Courier

Thomas Withey #022 LOV 1990.005 The Courier is a story about an off-shore mafia family’s attempt to move to the mainland by taking over an independent money-laundering system, and the survivors counter measures that create pandemonium.

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Jam Angelica

Gene Spaar #019 ALL 1990.003 The comic novel, Jam Angelica concerns a very old pope who is going around the world in 1982 seeking contemporary angels. Jam Angelica is the name of the papal jet. After adventures in Lourdes, Paris … Continue reading

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Rainbows All Around

Miriam Fuller #020 LOV 1990.003 Rainbows All Around is a love story of true love, and about faith and patience that overcomes personality addictions and age – which means fulfillment for all the characters in the story.

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Senseless Brushes with Death

Tom Jacoby #017 HUM 1990.002 Senseless Brushes with Death is about living amid dying. The nature of consciousness, mortality, the AIDS epidemic, life and death are examined briefly, directly and tangentially. Each chapter may stand alone or be viewed as … Continue reading

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