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Bidwell Moore #138 ADV 1990.002 From the depths of a four thousand-year-old tomb, an eerily potent Anubis, guardian god of deceased pharaohs, broods protectively over the Thirteenth Dynasty King Ra-Hetep’s last resting place. The preface (1807 BC) establishes the novel’s … Continue reading

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Theories of Father

Andrew Colameco #137 HUM 1990.012 Theories of Father is a video-image-script-novel. Narrated by a house fly, with help from Ed Sullivan. On assignment from the powers that be, the little buzzer* is sent to observe the middle aged, orphaned from … Continue reading

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Scenes Along the Way

Judith Jelinger #136 MEA 1990.001 Scenes Along the Way describes the way one particular woman’s soul has experienced reincarnation. There are attempts to understand hidden motives and purposes and their results on the human scene. It may offer the reader … Continue reading

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The Bruckner Versions

Felix Arnstein #135 ALL 1990.025 Anton Bruckner, composer, teacher, organist, is dying. His young disciples Hugo Wolf and Gustav Mahler do not want to let go of him: they feel he represents a sort of adoptive father to them and … Continue reading

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Why Life Cannot Exist on the Other Planets

R. Heale #134 NAT 1990.016 In order to understand Why Life Cannot Exist on the Other Planets, we need to determine how life exists on our own planet. Therefore, we need to study life on Earth from an overall planetary … Continue reading

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To There Be It Not

Marshall Motz #133 SPI 1990.009 A, B To There Be It Not concerns Virgil Hunt, aging perpetual student, comes to Santa Cruz, in the early seventies, to pursue a doctoral degree in “History of Consciousness.” He is seduced by the … Continue reading

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Tales of We Three

Ralph Sbraccia #131 SPI 1990.008 Tales of We Three is a collection of short stories about God, His Son, and the rest of their family, us. Although he’s a Christian, the writer does not belong to any denomination and is … Continue reading

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Den of the Cockatrice

Susan Lummis #132 LOV 1990.015 Den of the Cockatrice is the story of three females, illustrating the power women possess; how they use it constructively or destructively; and the belief systems which prevent them from living fulfilling lives.

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Ruth Sprague #130 ALL 1990.024 Vermont is a musical play about Ethan Allen and set in the time of the Revolutionary War and Vermont’s struggles to become one of the states. It tells of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to … Continue reading

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Moon Harvest

E. Nickson #129 SOC 1990.031 Atlantis sank beneath the waves in a single day and night, destroyed by an asteroid striking the Earth. But supposing that had not happened, that the calamity had been only postponed, and that Atlantis had … Continue reading

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