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Inherit the Median Strip

Laura Borealis #144 POE 1990.015 I had to put all this writing together to be able to put behind me the hard relationships I had. As if, in a book, it could be a separate entity and walk out of … Continue reading

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Points North and South

Kate McNairy #142 LOV 1990.016 I am interested in the influence of place and family on a character and the moments when a character becomes aware of the power of that force. Is it possible for a person to break … Continue reading

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A Life without Porpoise

Raymond Sikorski #143 MEA 1990.002 Somewhere in A Life without Porpoise, a collection of stories, plays, and whatnot lies the meaning of life. I don’t know exactly where it is; if you find it please call me immediately and tell … Continue reading

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The Chateau Victorian Story & Other Stories

Franz Benjamin #141 STR 1990.004 Although The Chateau Victorian Story is fiction, it is, within the realm of writer’s license, historical fiction. That is, it is based on certain facts of history. In the Collected Works, E.B. Whitney gives us … Continue reading

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Some Observations about the World We Live In

Albert Helzner #140 NAT 1990.017 The point of view from which any subject is approached is critical to the way we see the world. These essays in Some Observations about the World We Live In are my observations on some … Continue reading

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Janet Clark #139 FAM 1990.010 Growing up between two World Wars, Firebreak is the way my world appeared to me during those years, plus a brief family history.

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