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The Ongoing Condition of the Universe

Albert Helzner #167 NAT 1991.002 The Ongoing Condition of the Universe is that it is changing. Since our planet Earth is a subset of the universe, the changes taking place on our own planet and the changes going on in … Continue reading

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Poems from the Heart

Jean Poulin #168 POE 1991.008 Poems from the Heart was written at various stages of my life and they are an expression of emotions I’ve experienced.

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Venting Spleen; Hurled Invective

Nickelous Oxalate (Elipulos) #166 POE 1991.007 The poems of Venting Spleen; Hurled Invective issue forth from the bad humours of the body. That is how they issued forth, and the reader’s gut will rumble with bile while reading this kind … Continue reading

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Chaco, Sheriff of Lordsburg

Fred Schmidt #165 ADV 1991.002 A, B Chaco, Sherrif of Lordsburg begins with the sojurn of the hero, Chaco, to Lordsburg, New Mexico where he encounters ambushes, cattle drives, gamblers, shootouts, and love. In Lordsburg, Chaco must deal with a … Continue reading

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Sudhira, Or the Porch of Spirits

Joe Palmer #164 SOC 1991.002 Sudhira, Or, The Porch of Spirits is the more-or-less true story of experiences of an American professor in Thailand during the Vietnam war. It is a sort of contact literature in which the cultural differences … Continue reading

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Dear James

William Marquess #163 ALL 1991.003 A youngish man arrives in Paris on a graduate fellowship that he neglects in favor of street music, strange liaisons, and writing the letters that comprise Dear James.

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