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Ah, Camping in Vermont

Peg (Margaret) Thornton #185 ALL 1991.008 Ah, Camping in Vermont captures some memories of going away to camp in 1929 in Vermont.

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Henry Miller’s Tropic Trail

Jerry Risely #184 ALL 1997.007 A, B In 1962 pornography prosecutions were popular in Los Angeles, California. Prosecuting Attorney Roger Arnebergh courted fame. Grove Press decided to give it to him. They selected twice wounded Korean War Veteran Bradley Reed … Continue reading

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One God’s Gift

Kathy and Terry Niver #186 MEA 1991.004 One God’s Gift is a somewhat unique work in which the authors vivify the archetype of Apollo via the mechanism of a treasure hunt based on a past life experience. There’s lots of … Continue reading

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The Promise and The Plan

Herbert Eveloff #183 WAR 1991.002 The Promise and The Plan is a novel based on a true story taken from the psychiatrist-author’s own files. It is a novel of strident, conflicted emotions; of vengeance and healing; of love and hate. … Continue reading

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Poems Sprinkled with Nature and Love

Edythe Ruch #182 POE 1991.014 Poems Sprinkled with Nature and Love is a collection of 32 poems that reflect the wonder, beauty and awe of art and music in nature. How are inner selves speak to us, showing our happiness … Continue reading

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Impressions of Paul

Paul Mobley #181 SOC 1991.004 Impressions of Paul is not a theological book; but it is a characterization of the personal traits which helped to make the Apostle successful. It will surprise many readers, and inform all; for there is … Continue reading

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Crystal Star

Alexander Stella #179 MEA 1991.002 In Crystal Star, a stage play, a young American journalist confronts grief and horror as she witnesses the deep spiritual struggle between a shadowy rabbi and a fugitive ex-Nazi. Why was a young Jewish girl, … Continue reading

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A Younger Earth

Alexander Stella #180 MEA 1991.003 In A Younger Earth, two willful men conduct a private duel in the confluence of high finance, politics and syndicated crime. This piece also deals with such philosophical topics as destiny and love of destiny. … Continue reading

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Woman Cry Poetry

Alice McKay #178 POE 1991.013 Woman Cry Poetry includes both verse and prose poetry. The collection touches many aspects of womanhood: love, children, death, socioeconomic structure, and faith.

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