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Pursuit of Trivia

Jean Schulz #205 SOC 1991.010 Pursuit of Trivia is a simplified form of (mostly western) history interspersed with some poetry and art of the period. The two original copies have full color art work.

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The Relativity of Retreat

Andrew Colameco #204 SOC 1991.009 The Relativity of Retreat concerns a small cabin in Northern Vermont. A retreat. An exile. Home to the occasional physical presence of Peter Simmons. Bitter sweet acamagician. A permanent collection of his memories. Letters. Postcards. … Continue reading

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The Birth of the Modern Independent Political Movement: The ’76 McCarthy Presidential Campaign

Gary De Carolis #203 SOC 1991.008 Written one month after the 1976 Presidential Election,  this is one person’s account of the Independent Presidential Bid of Eugene McCarthy. The author’s seven month, fourteen state, and 13,000 mile travels as a national … Continue reading

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Kadds Filbert #202 MEA 1991.006 Meer is about a clash of purposes, an action-oriented story with satirical overtones, designed to convince the reader that cooperation is usually the best solution. “Meer” (Russian for world) takes place six months after the … Continue reading

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The Domino Alliance

Ronald Lawruk #201 ADV 1991.005 In The Domino Alliance, Iraq, Iran, and Libya concoct a plan to make the United States pay for imposing economic sanctions against them. Teams of terrorists are sent to America to enforce these plans. Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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C Is for Caucasian

Alexander Stella #200 SOC 1991.007 Within the structure of a play-within-a-play, a young woman well described as a Goody-Goody Two-Shoes forces a theatre production company to use “schvartze” in place of “the ‘new trigger’ word.” The interior play of C … Continue reading

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Seasons of an Unknown Artist

John Linstroth #198 MEA 1991.005 A, B, C Seasons of an Unknown Artist is the story of a young painter who tries to find himself through his art in Spain.

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The Raftman

Leon Robidoux #199 ALL 1991.012 The Raftman is part of history. The two main entrepreneurs who prospered in Canada in the lumber industry were Americans by the name of D.D. Calvin and Philemon Wright. They both pioneered the rafting trade … Continue reading

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