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Pancake Pages

Julie Wheeler #233 POE 1991.018 Pancake Pages is a collection from my journals- everything that makes me wake up, smile, and want to wake up again.

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Home Zoun Poetry

Yuma Yale #231 ADV 1991.014 Home Zoun Poetry is a story in poetry form.

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The Virgin Telephone and Other Tales

Gerald Diamond #231 ADV 1991.013 The Virgin Telephone is a collection of stories about the behavior of landlords, cats, painters, prisoners, ghosts, princesses, slugs, courtesans, pilots, pig farmers, stamp vendors, packrats, stockbrokers, chickens, fathers and sons, apes, lawyers, insects, refugees … Continue reading

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Kind People

Mary Fisher (Fallon) #230 ADV 1991.012 In Kind People, Young Todd Wilson finds himself in the caring hands of John and Marion Mathewson who claim they found him along the road side, the victim of an auto accident. The Mathewsons … Continue reading

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Key To A Deadly Game

Mary Fisher (Fallon) #229 ADV 1991.011 In Key To A Deadly Game, 19 year old Steve Hilton, studying to become an attorney as his father, works part-time as a police dispatcher. Jogging late one evening, Steve notices a police cruiser. … Continue reading

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The Return of a Legend

Stephen Stathis #228 SOC 1991.014 The Return of a Legend is psychological look at what happened to a rock and roll singer upon leaving the U.S. Army. The year is 1960. The book is a fictional account of the personal … Continue reading

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Stewart Chaulk #227 WAR 1991.004 Chapterbook deals with the space-between, the binding mystery that can never be spoken. By examining an archeology of myself, I come up with a printed nothingness. I express the unexpressed, only to make Chapterbook a … Continue reading

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Sterling Silver Cockroaches

Gerald Diamond #224 ADV 1991.010 Sterling Silver Cockroaches is a collection of bizarre tales in South America, the Dominican Republic, Sicily, France, the Far East, Alaska and the United States. The reader will sweat in foundries and steel mills, crawl … Continue reading

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Pastoral Poet of Vermont: Walter Hard (1862-1966)

Peg (Margaret) Thornton #225 HUM 1991.004 Walter Hard has been compared favorably with Robert Frost. Hard has a folksy, non-rhyming style of his own in which with humor and sensitivity he tells tales of his rural neighbors in the early … Continue reading

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Mary Fisher (Fallon) #223 ADV 1991.008 In Downhill, Brad Ellington witnesses the murder of his older brother. The police, family and friends do not believe his testimony with no other proof. Nine years later his employer and ski instructor, Bill … Continue reading

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