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Shade, Footprints, and Shadows

Kenneth Blaine #244 POE 1992.002 Shade, Footprints, and Shadows is a collection of poems from my college years (late 60’s) thru Christmas (1991). Categories include: Arizona, Beaches, Seasons, Humor, Despair, Death, Friendship, Love and Christmas. Hoping that a few might … Continue reading

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Love and Treachery

Raymond Mendez #243 LOV 1992.001 Love and Treachery said it all. Brad’s heart was hurting; and seemed to weigh a ton. His live-in-woman, Jonna, had just ran off with an underworld thug, called Capo. They took the three million dollars … Continue reading

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Blue Ridge

Emily Ballard #242 WAR 1992.001 Blue Ridge is a collection of three interwoven stories of the American Civil War, centered on the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in 1864 when General Sheridan’s troops laid it waste. “The Butternut” is the story … Continue reading

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Strive for Mediocrity

Leo Witz #241 FAM 1992.001 Strive for Mediocrity is a potpouri of unusual people, and a collection of anecdotes and happenings from the life and times of Leo Witz, who was better than average at just about everything he tried … Continue reading

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I’d Be Your Roadkill, Baby

Carla Schwartz #240 POE 1992.001 All poems in I’d Be Your Roadkill, Baby were written in 1991. Chapter One: Love Poems and Erotic Poems. Chapter Two: Political and Social Commentary. Chapter Three: Poems expressing sadness or anger. Chapter Four: All … Continue reading

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