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Miracle Play / When Mourning Comes

Lorraine Smith (Ann McDonald / Toles) #251 SOC 1992.002 Miracle Play is an autobiography about the dissolution of a professional nursing career and the so-called “burn-out” that accompanied the downward descent. Written in an alternative, anecdotal, iconoclastic manner, it reads … Continue reading

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Ronny Kaye #254 ALL 1992.001 Disturbances is a collection of seven stories sharing a common theme — i.e., the disruption of normality. The settings of the stories range from near-future America to Pharaonic Egypt, from the wasteland of West Africa … Continue reading

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A Spy Too Close

Ronald Lawruk #253 ADV 1992.002 It’s the 1980’s. The Soviets devise a plan to control U.S. foreign policy. A woman agent trained by the KGB is smuggled into Canada. A Canadian Security officer joins up with an FBI agent and … Continue reading

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Ronny Kaye #255 FUT 1992.001 Triad is a trilogy of science fiction stories centered on the theme of “biomechanics,” a term borrowed from the Swiss artist H. R. Giger, who conceived and designed the title character from the 1979 film … Continue reading

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Deep Fool

B.(arry) E.(isenberg) #252 MEA 1992.001 A, B The author of this autobiography, Deep Fool, is a fifty-three year old man who has imbibed freely of the varieties of experience. The Zen Buddhist/hippie author’s many and varied love affairs are interwoven … Continue reading

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White Man’s Disease

Ronny Kaye #249 SOC 1992.001 White Man’s Disease is a condemnatory cinema-novel, a condemnation of Authority systems, most particularly those of the White West. The narrative devices of “reels” rather than chapters, and of songs, poems, and quotations as transitional … Continue reading

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The View from White Mountain

Norallah Downing #248 FAM 1992.002 I’ve always been a writer. As a child my “novels” were take-offs on my mother’s Redbook magazine that I don’t recall impressed anyone but Uncle Harold, the town dog catcher. Now I am an adult … Continue reading

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Songs of Love and Songs of Fear

Ronny Kaye #250 POE 1992.004 The core of the poems in Songs of Love and Songs of Fear were conceived and composed (later refined) in a single night in Fall 1982. The rest (e.g. the minimalist works) date from earlier … Continue reading

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In His Own Image

Beatrice Rosenstein #247 LOV 1992.002 Set in the mid-1930’s, In His Own Image explores the lives and sorrows of five New Yorkers who seek to escape their various heartbreaks, ennui, an overpowering love affair, a shockingly sudden rejection, and in … Continue reading

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We and Japan

Jane Bickford #246 ADV 1992.001 We and Japan contains excerpts from a weekly journal I kept when we lived in Tokyo, 1964-1966. I removed only travel pages, adding many drawings of things Japanese that I saw. In putting this together, … Continue reading

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