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Changing Winds

Margrit Newman #266 POE 1992.007 Part of my poetry in Changing Winds reflects impressions of everyday life as a mother, as a wife and as a bystander to city scenes. Some of them deal with love, its ups and downs … Continue reading

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May and December Marriage for the Green Card

Melba Lake (Mildred A. Ritter) #267 LOV 1992.003 May and December Marriage for the Green Card (aka I Married An Illegal Alien) is a true story of a May and December marriage for a Green Card. Mario came to the … Continue reading

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You Shall Be Heard

John Roberts #268 SOC 1992.004 You Shall Be Heard is a series of brief essays, some dealing with philosophy in a very rudimentary manner and degree, developing a theory of law as procedural due process exclusively.

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