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Cellos and Noise Collectors

T.(erry) Dernback #292 FUT 1993.001 Cellos and Noise Collectors takes place in Los Angeles. The concrete rivers have become hectic water-freeways of boat traffic. The wealthy travel in swift vehicles on elevated roadways. The rest live in squalor, beneath, in … Continue reading

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Uncle Louie’s Song and Other Tales

Chuck Rehmer #291 POE 1993.003 Uncle Louie’s Song and Others Tales is a collection of mid-70’s poetry by Chuck Rehmer, whose style and inspiration come from Richard Brautigan, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Alan Ginsberg, and Tom Wolfe. Any kindred souls, outlaw artists, … Continue reading

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It’s Not Real Life

Kedds Filbert #290 MEA 1993.004 It’s Not Real Life takes the reader back to the wild 1970’s, when we all inhaled. It is a series of anecdotes stretching over a one year period, beginning in the author’s first year of … Continue reading

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Voices and Echoes: Selected Prose and Poetry (and A Poet’s Journal)

Eric Wallace #289 POE 1993.002 Voices and Echoes contains poetry; 3 short stories: (“Night Music,” “Summer of Love,” and “The Blind Girl in the Lighthouse”).

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Make Me An Instrument: Parts I, II, III, and IV

Alice Weiland #288 SPI 1993.002 A, B, C The “reason” of my work, Make Me An Instrument is that I became an instrument, through light trance mediumship, for dawn-time messages from St. Francis of Assisi. His compassion and concern for … Continue reading

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Take the Long Way Home

J. F. Dacey #287 ALL 1993.003 A, B Take the Long Way Home is the story of one full year as seen through the eyes of an all-night taxi driver. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes pathetic, sometimes strange, sometimes maddening, … Continue reading

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Would You Believe Me If I Told You?

Peter Cooper #286 ADV 1993.004 A boy named Danny and his best friend Izzy are swept away to a strange world called Hellebore by a creature named Joby who can change his form at will. On Hellebore, flower people called … Continue reading

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The Bastards of Forrester’s Cross

R.(on) Mahan #285 FAM 1993.003 A, B Piper Collins father has finally died, but the death has not brought the expected peace of mind for the son. Piper would willingly erase the memories, but others have quite different ideas in … Continue reading

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Rye’s American Star

Cheryl Willet #284.5 FAM 1993.003 A, B Rye’s American Star is a realistic portrayal of three generations of Irish-American women committed to family in the late 1800’s. Constance O’Neill is seemingly forever burdened with many family questions and memories. The … Continue reading

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God’s Christmas Gift

Joan Costner #284 SPI 1993.001 God’s Christmas Gift is a tender, read-aloud, poetic retelling of the birth of Jesus Christ. Simple, for young children and appealing to Christian families. Pictures are original watercolors by Sara Tuttle inspired by the author’s … Continue reading

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