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To All My Friends on Shore

Gavin de Rhys #298 POE 1994.003 To All My Friends on Shore is a collection of 30 poems, and one dramatic monologue titled “Nocturne.” The poems are mostly about love, life, and death; the monologue adds a sense of redemption. … Continue reading

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The Fire Inside

Carla Schwartz #297 POE 1994.002 The Fire Inside, a book of poetry, like my previous ones, is a collection of the year’s poems, in this case, those written in 1993. Some of the old characters are still around: Lily, Jack, … Continue reading

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Orion (Volume III)

Pete Dunn #296 ADV 1994.001 Orion (Volume III) continues the saga of the first space family dynasty and it’s inter-relationship with the second dynasty, 1400 years into the future. A time capsule is found containing a “lost manuscript.” (Flashback) The … Continue reading

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Richard Kimball #295 MEA 1994.001 Tulum is a book about a trip undertaken by my brother, George Kimball and his wife Caron, to the ancient Maya city of Tulum in Yucatan of Mexico. It is a combination of George’s observations … Continue reading

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A Simpler Time and Place

Martha Sexton #294 FAM 1994.001 A Simpler Time and Place is the story of my life and a loving marriage which endured for 55 years, through the good times and the bad.

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Such a Glorius Feeling: Being

Doris Kearney #293 POE 1994.001 No synopsis provided.

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