Love, Bobby

Robert Joyal
POE 1992.003

Love, Bobby by Robert Joyal is a collection of letters and poems compiled by family and friends after his death in 1970. Bobby’s work covers the mid and late sixties. The tumult of that time period and the struggles of a young man to make sense in a chaotic and often brutal world are reflected in his works. As our collective memory of that piece of history shifts and fades, this book is a little time capsule, written and lived then, passed through to now, to keep the picture clear. I present this book to the Brautigan Library in Bobby’s memory. — Margaret Joyal
NOTE: This manuscript is missing for the library collection.

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  1. The Librarian says:

    Unfortunately, this manuscript was missing from The Brautigan Library collection when it was transferred from Burlington, Vermont, to the Clark County Historical Museum in Vancouver, Washington.

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