James Boorstein
MEA 1994.003

The “bits” in SM are about everything and nothing. There is some hard information like the alleged amount of TV watched by an average American in 1988, and where one can buy a spaghetti sandwich. Old adages like “you are what you eat,” are explored, along with questions like: is dancing exercise, how much smoke is in a cigar, what is history, does happiness help you focus better, is a TV more important then a refrigerator. There are tips on living well; words from Asia, commentary, on contemporary American life, and on Modern Art. There are no jokes, no pictures, no answers. NOTE: This manuscript is missing from the library collection.

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  1. The Librarian says:

    Unfortunately, this manuscript was missing from The Brautigan Library collection when it was transferred from Burlington, Vermont, to the Clark County Historical Museum in Vancouver, Washington.

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