The Collection

The Brautigan Library collection held by The Clark County Historical Museum consists of 304 uniquely titled manuscripts. Of these, twenty eight are in two or three volumes, bringing the total number of typed and bound manuscripts to 332.

Library records note that 316 unique manuscripts were acquired during The Brautigan Library’s tenure in Burlington, Vermont. One of those acquisitions appears to be a mistake as there is no information about any associated manuscript. Eleven manuscripts were lost or removed from the collection during its time in Vermont. The remaining 304 were sent to Vancouver, Washington.

The majority of manuscripts in The Brautigan Library collection are typed or printed 0ne side on 8.50″ x 11″ white paper, and bound in black, burgundy, gray, brown, or navy blue vinyl covers. The different colored bindings represent the relative number of pages for each manuscript, with black the least and navy blue the most. No titles or author names appear on the covers, only a collection category number. Several manuscripts are self-published, are generally 5″ x 8,” and provide a more conventional cover with title and author name.

All manuscripts in The Brautigan Library are cataloged according to The Mayonnaise System, the first book classification system since the Dewey Decimal System, developed by Melvil Dewey in 1876.