Coffin Lab

Coffin Lab

Washington State University Vancouver

Lab Members

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Allison Coffin, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor
Neuroscience Program
WSU, Vancouver
Vancouver, WA 98686-9600
Phone: 360-456-9342
Fax: 360-546-9038


Tamasen Hayward, BS

M.S. Student – Zoology


Phillip Uribe, BS

Doctoral Student – Neuroscience


AlexandriaCamino copyAlexandria Camino, BS

Doctoral Student – Neuroscience






Robby Boney

Undergraduate Researcher – Computer Science




Beija Villalpando

Lab Manager


nwdb2016 valentin


Valentin Kochenkov

Research Technician





Matthew Carlisle

Undergraduate Researcher – Neuroscience



Sterling Gray

Undergraduate Researcher – Neuroscience




Erin Cooper

Fish Facility Manager

Abigail Jiang

High School Intern


Coffin Lab Alumni
Lauren Hayashi, former lab manager. Knight Cancer Research Center, OHSU, Portland, OR
Kay Williamson, former lab manager. Legacy Research Institute, Portland, OR
Chau Nguyen, BS Biology 2013. University of Washington Medical School
Sydney Heath, BS Biology 2012.
Cassie (Black) Tompkins, BS Biology 2013. Knight Cancer Research Center, OHSU, Portland, OR

Alex Young, BS Biology 2014. Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine

Sarah Neveux, BS Neuroscience 2015. Doctor of Physical Therapy program, Eastern Washington University

Nicole Smith, BS Neuroscience 2015. Emergency Room Scribe

Dustin Manning, BS Biology 2013.  OHSU, Portland, OR

Matthew Kruger, MS Zoology 2015.  University of Maine, doctoral program.

Meghal Sheth, Camas H.S. class of 2015. Washington University St. Louis.

Anna Roche, Camas H.S. class of 2016. University of Washington

Heather Wiedenhoft, former lab manager

Travis Long, BS Biology 2016