"Automatic Body"
by Yacov Sharir (US) and Norbert Herber (US)

Particle Swarm Optimization(PSO) was originally developed by James Kennedy and Russell Eberhart for solving engineering problems and optimizing nonlinear functions. It is related to artificial life, flocking behavior, evolutionary computation, and can be used in a wide variety of applications where one seeks an optimal solution to a given problem. PSO is a simple system that generates complex, organic behavior. Automatic Body is an installation driven by swarm dynamics, where individual behaviors are translated into sound and dance. The work shows how the self-descriptive, self-reflexive, and recursive processes of consciousness reveal themselves as a dance of real and virtual, fixed and emergent, flesh and re-configuration, cognition and re-cognition. In the ordinary flow of conscious experience, these pairs are not encountered as binary oppositions in conflict, but in a continual dance of transformation, one into the other. Automatic Body asks viewers to lose themselves in a world where standard conceptions of the physical body and aural space have been redefined.

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