Short Film

Monday Morning...

Since language is more than just text, I spent a good portion of my time on this video. Language is also body language, sounds, and facial expressions. Visual space is the combined effort of acoustic space as well as what we can see.

This is the story of a college student going through his week, to establish the story the first day, Monday, is the longest day to establish the pace of one day out of the week. The rest of the week is to show the repetition of
what the week is like for most students.

Finally, the medium of visual space or video is used to "talk" to us through our new digital media. Video is used to show exactly what the creator intends for us to explore. The sound is tailored to the visual in a way that it is robbed of an acoustic space and forced into this specific space, that is why I created a soundscape, because what you hear in a soundscape may not be what you are imagining. Visual space is our first focus and it is equally as important as any other space, because it's message is rooted in our being.

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