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Free Radicals


Free Radicals

Authored by Marcus Bastos
Published by Empório de Produção in 2007

"The work was part of the cultural program of a party celebrating freedom that took place in April at the famous Sao Paulo club, Vegas. First scholar Lucia Santaella discussed the concept of freedom and then local VJs Spetto, Lucas Bambozzi, duVa, and Helga Stein performed live remixes of Bastus's piece, creating a new version of it that now stands side-by-side with the original. On view until July 15, "Free Radicals" brings together the voice of different individuals, which meditate about free-will, today and in the past, with VJ-style sequences of images of the interviewees and urban landscapes. Bastos thus evokes the resistance to the Brazilian dictatorship that ended in the mid-1980s to examine the notion and practices of liberty in contemporary society, in general, and Brazil in particular." - Miguel Amado

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