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Patchwork Girl


Patchwork Girl

Authored by Shelly Jackson
Published by Eastgate Systems, Inc. in 1995

What if Mary Shelley's Frankenstein were true? What if Mary Shelley herself made the monster -- not the fictional Dr. Frankenstein? And what if the monster was a woman, and fell in love with Mary Shelley, and travelled to America? This is their story.

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3.5" Floppy Disk, CD, Other




The Dene Grigar Collection


Two floppy disks (one each for Windows and Mac), two thumb drives, and four CD copies for both Mac and Windows. Silver CD contains a copy of the piece, and the gold CD contains an installer. One CD is unopened. Two copies are on Eastgate thumb drives. These copies are for both modern and classic Macintosh OS. One thumb drive is missing.

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Mac OS X v10.0.x
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