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Unnatural Habitats


Unnatural Habitats

Authored by Kathy Mac
Published by Eastgate Systems, Inc. in 1994

Unnatural Habitats sings the poetry of primitive submarines, crippled spaceships, and basement apartments. Canadian poet Kathy Mac explores the consequences of American idealism, from the Apollo 13 tragedy to the U.S. invasion of Kuwait.

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3.5" Floppy Disk




The Dene Grigar Collection


Gray floppy is for Windows, while black one is for Mac. Installs to the computer. One of the copies is still sealed. Same floppy disk as "In Small & Large Pieces.| Filed under "Eastgate Quarterly Review of Hypertext Volume 1, Number 3". | Packaged with Kathryn Cramer's "In Small & Large Pieces".

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