The ELL Catalog serves two purposes for the Electronic Literature Lab (ELL). First, it documents the works held in ELL’s three collections––the Dene Grigar Collection, the Electronic Literature Organization Collection, and the Marjorie C. Luesebrink Collection. Second, it provides visitors to ELL with information about the platform and software needed for experiencing a specific work in one of the collections. Both a preservation and finding tool, the ELL Catalog aims to afford accessibility to information about works of electronic literature to both remote and local visitors. It is overseen by Dr. Dene Grigar and maintained by ELL’s staff, all of whom are supported by the Washington State University System and Washington State University Vancouver (WSUV).

Directions for using the ELL Catalog can be found on the How to Use the Catalog page.

Founded and directed by Dene Grigar, the Electronic Literature Lab is used for advanced inquiry into the preservation, curation, creation and criticism of born digital literary works and related media. For more information about ELL, visit ELL History.

eLit Works

A vast array of international electronic literature pieces.

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Computers, peripherals, and other devices needed to view eLit.

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Various records of eLit pieces and the Electronic Literature Organization.

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The ELL repository for media or literature-oriented software.

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A growing library of classic and literary games.

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The Dene Grigar Collection

At the core of ELL’s activity lies The Dene Grigar Collection. It includes Grigar’s 60 vintage Macintosh & PC computers dating back to 1977 used for accessing the works in all three collections; vintage software; peripherals; papers and ephemera associated with the field of Electronic Literature; computer and software manuals; and over 200 works of electronic literature. The ELL Catalog currently documents the computers, library, and papers/ephemera. Future plans for the catalog includes the documentation of peripherals and manuals.

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ELO Archives

The Electronic Literature Organization Collection includes video and audio tapes from performances/readings and conference presentations from the 1990s onward, recorded on VHS, cassettes, and mini-cassette by members of the Electronic Literature Organization. ELL staff have digitalized the materials, making videos available on Vimeo and YouTube and audio files available on SoundCloud. Also part of this collection are works of electronic literature produced on diskette and CD-ROM from two main sources: entries to the 2001 Electronic Literature Awards and works to show at the State of the Arts conference in 2002.

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The Margie Luesebrink Collection

In June 2016 ELL was given items from the personal collection of Marjorie C. Luesebrink––known professionally as pioneering artist M. D. Coverley––to inspect and inventory. This material includes works of electronic literature by the artist and others and her personal papers and other materials pertaining to the field of Electronic Literature.

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