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New Condition

Copy published by Public Eyesore Records on CD-DA in 2017. Currently in The Dene Grigar Collection.

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      Alan Sondheim, Azure Carter, and Luke Damrosch

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      Public Eyesore Records




      Reverse reverberation in real time is an impossibility; the physics of space-time doesn't permit it. That said, Luke Damrosch has developed programs that approach the impossible; the result is a new form of music dynamics. The general idea is that you can reverse shorter and shorter segments 'almost' as if they were reversed in real time, but you're really dealing with fundamental limits of spacetime; only on a quantum level is reversibility possible (for example a positron as an electron moving temporally backwards in Feynmann diagrams - retrocausality in Wikipedia), and that's up for grabs. In any case, I've been interested in processes that operate at the edge of this sort of dynamics, where physics, acoustics, and philosophy meet. "Limit" is a resulting cd, using acoustic instruments, where this is a guiding principle.

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