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Copy published by Films in Context, Inc. on in 2004. Currently in The Dene Grigar Collection.

ISBN: 978-0975911402

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    Ellen Strain, Gregory Van Hoosier-Carey, Patrick Ledwell, and et al.

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    Films in Context, Inc.




    "Historical and critical content organized around nine clips from the film. Over one hundred voice-over commentaries by notable scholars of film, history, race, and literature illustrated with hundreds of archival resources. An interactive filmstrip that facilitates analysis and provides links to voice-over commentary. Still-image and textual resources including selections from Thomas Dixon's novels, coverage in the black press, NAACP protest materials, and materials from the film's production and exhibition. Four interactive editing exercises that allow students to re-edit film sequences as well as add tints, soundtracks, masks, and intertitles. An alternative thematic navigation system that traces motifs and themes across the film and across voice-over commentary.

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