iMac Bubble (Tangerine) "BB-8"

Manufactured by Apple in 1998. Currently running Mac OS 9.2.2. Currently owned by Dene Grigar and in The Dene Grigar Collection.


  • Processor: 333 MHz
  • Installed RAM: 160 MB
  • Video Output:
  • Media Drives: CD

Notable Software

Currently has the following software installed:

  • Adobe Acrobat v5.0
  • Communicator v4.74
  • Microsoft Excel v8.0
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer v5.1.7
  • Microsoft PowerPoint v8.0
  • Microsoft Word v8.0
  • QuickTime Player v6.0.3
  • RealPlayer Basic v6.0.9.584
  • SimpleText v1.4