Luesebrink Guidelines

The Marjorie C. Luesebrink Career Achievement Award honors a visionary artist and/or scholar who has brought excellence to the field of electronic literature and has inspired others to help create and build the field. Bestowed by the Electronic Literature Organization and funded through a generous donation, it comes with a $1000 award that can go directly to the awardee or to a young scholar who would use the funds in support of developing content for online sources about the awardee’s achievements; a plaque showing the name of the winner and an acknowledgement of the achievement; and a one-year membership in the Electronic Literature Organization at the Associate Level.


1. The Artist or Scholar selected for this award should demonstrate excellence in four or more of the following categories:

  • Creation of opportunities for younger scholars
  • Publication of influential academic studies of electronic literature
  • Practice-based artistic research in the field, with significant presentations and exhibitions of creative work
  • Curatorial activities, particularly including editing and the organization of exhibitions, conferences, workshops, roundtables and research groups
  • Preservationist work, whether individual or institutional
  • Active participation in conferences and exhibitions, both national and international
  • Contribution to ELO as an organization, whether as a member of the Board of Directors or Literary Art Board or as informal advisor

2. Nominations must be made by others; self-nominations are not allowed. Membership in the Electronic Literature Organization is not required of the nominee. However, the person nominating must be a member in good standing in the ELO. There is no cost involved in nominations. This is a free and open award aimed at rewarding excellence.

3. To nominate, the ELO member contacts, before the deadline date of the award, the Chair of the Nominating Committee, via the ELO Office Manager Nicholas Schiller, with the name of the person they wish to nominate. The nominator must also submit a 250-word rationale for the nomination.

4. Nominations will be evaluated by the Nominating Committee comprised of the Chair, the ELO President, Marjorie Luesebrink, and two ELO members selected by the President of the ELO. Upon selecting a recipient of the award, the Chair of the Nominating Committee notifies the ELO Board of Directors. In cases where no one is nominated or the committee does not select an awardee from those nominated, an award will not be given out that year.

5. Previous winners of this award cannot be nominated again.

6. Nominees and the winner retain all rights to their works. If copyright allows, ELO will be given permission to share the work or portions of it on the award webpage. Journals and presses that have published the winning work will be acknowledged on the award webpage.

7. The winner is not expected to attend the ELO conference banquet in Montreal, though it is encouraged. The award will be mailed to the winner following the conference.

The nomination is to be emailed to: Nicholas Schiller, Office Coordinator, Electronic Literature Organization,


Nomination Submissions Period: December 1, 2018-April 1, 2019
Jury Deliberations: April 15- June 1, 2019
Award Announcement: ELO Conference Banquet, Cork, Ireland

For more information about the Award or to submit a nomination, contact Dene Grigar, The Electronic Literature Organization,