Raidial Weave Victorian Chair Back

Radial Weave Chair Back

A timeless classic dating back to the second half of the 17th century of England, this particular design was introduced at the height of cane furniture fashion at the turn of the 20th Century. This Regency style is popular as formal dining, salon, or statement chairs.

Each of these pieces requires a combination of fine chair cane and narrow binder cane. The fine chair cane is used in the intricate portions of the design, whereas the binder cane is used for a tight weave and to cover the holes of the chair back for the cane. Our recommendation is to begin with a simple, radial design that requires 1/3 hank of super fine chair cane and 4 feet of narrow binder cane.

Tip: You can join binder together on the underside of the chair by using a paper stapler to hold the pieces together. When the job is complete, you can pull out any staples that are showing.

Recommended For: Confident Beginners to Advance