Alien Abduction in the Woods

by Henry Brooks



This sound installation aims to capture the sound of an alien abduction. The two minute journey follows the sound of someone wandering through the woods, until they are abducted by aliens. The sounds include the woods, the wildlife and all the other sounds produced by the alien ship.


This sound installation was created as a midterm; however, my end goal was to have fun with the project and to experiment with an idea that I had not previously thought of.

Statement of Purpose

The objective of this sound installation is to not only capture the sound and experience of an alien abduction, but to highlight some of the otherworldly noises produced by the ship.


While the topic of an “alien encounter” was a prompt for this midterm, I thought it would be fun to create an environment where the listener can create an image in their mind of what the ship might look like through their imagination. As someone who has an interest in certain sci-fi topics, I decided to model this installation after some of the sci-fi and horror tropes found in movies such as Ridley Scott's Alien.

Materials & Methodology

While I created many of the sounds of the installation myself through different sound editting programs, certain elements such as the footsteps through the woods and the coyotes were found within the public domain. As for this webpage, while I am not experienced with coding, I chose to hand-code the page myself.


What I hoped to achieve with this installation was a classic sci-fi atmosphere that would instantly give a listener the thought of aliens and other sci-fi tropes. While I was creating this installation, I wasn’t entirely sure if it would turn out the way I would want it. However, by the time it was completed I believe that it came together exactly the way I initially wanted.

Self Reflection

All in all, the work, to me, has reached the goal that I had set for myself. I wanted to create an experience that catalogs the events of an alien abduction. From the investigation through the woods, to the abduction itself, this sound installation is the product of what I wanted to convey through the concept of an alien abduction. If I were to improve this installation later on, I would like extend it to more than two minutes, as telling a story within the given timeframe seems too short after having to work with it. Ultimately, I believe the installation has been a success, as it has accomplished the end goal that I had in mind.