Hostile Arrival

Artist Statement

By Jakob Potter


This sound piece was made using the prompt of an alien encounter. I chose to make a hostile encounter with an alien visitor. The image I was trying to portray was of a ship flying over a city and the military and local forces trying to respond to the situation.


I used only sounds from Garageband's library of sound effects loops. For some of the ambient sound I used the sound of an airplane cabin. Without context, that sound is forboding.


At first, you hear the ship hovering above you. Then jets and a helicopter fly by, with some poliece forces trying to rush to keep the peace. A humming sound starts coming from the ship and begins to pulse. It fires some weapon and the helicopter comes flying back as the ship stays put. The video or radio broadcast this event was playing on goes static.

Statement of Purpose

This was made as a showcase of what I have learned in this class as a midterm project.


I was inspired by the begining of Independance Day when the ships are hovering over the cities. No one knows what they're going to do, until its too late.

Materials and Methodology

I used only sounds from Garageband's library of sound effects loops. I drew inspiration from movies and other media.


I am not quite happy with this project yet. I plan to work on it more in the future in my free time to get it to where I think it should be. I wanted to do more but was limited by using garageband. I will use Audacity or Adobe Audition for my next project.

Self Reflection

I feel like I could have spent more time with this. It is not quite what I wanted it to be, but I will work on it more in the future. As stated previously, I will be using Audacity or Adobe Audition to continue work on it and for my other projects.