Your Computer Can See You


Artist Statement


My sound installation is an interactive piece housed in a striped-out computer monitor or laptop that plays computer sounds and text to speech samples when people walk by. I believe that an interactive installation would interest people more than one that is just a listening experience. They would see that their actions cause the piece to create sound and want to know more about it.


During the first week of class we listened to the "Sounds of Wikipedia Edits" sound installation. I thought it was very interesting. When we were later asked to brainstorm a sound installation for the anniversary of the CMDC program at WSUV, I thought of that installation. My idea was to have a motion sensor by the front door of the Multimedia Building on campus. When the motion sensor was tripped, a tone would play over some ambient sound. I needed an Arduino to do this and thinking of a casing for it came up with the idea for a computer, with the webcam being the sensor.


The space that the installation is located must be an office area or a casual couch/table area depending on whether the casing is a laptop or a monitor. The motion/light sensor will be in the webcam spot on the monitor.


I wanted to create an interactive piece to show how anyone can be a part of the art. They can be a piece of the installation. An interactive piece is more engaging and would pique interest in those who pass by.


The first inspiration I had was the "Sounds of Wikipedia Edits" sound installation. It was something that I found interesting and I wanted to create something similar, but on a smaller scale. Then it evolved from that when the class was introduced to Arduino.


This work contains an interactive element.

Materials and Methodology

For this piece I used an Arduino system with a motion/light sensor, speakers, and a laptop/computer monitor case.


No outcomes yet


I hoped to achieve an interactive piece that would interest people as they walked by. No outcome yet