The Voyage to the Future by Jacob Torres


My goal is to make a PCB adruino board synthzier to change the frequency in the modulated sound file I plan by is to use Garage band to change the file Synthezier is are unique because the audio can have change frequency with modulation They can be harmonic and inharmonic sounds. Most of the sounds are used by a syntheizer with other classical instruments playing alongside.


My midterm project be a colloboration of sounds into a journey into space Science fiction movies like

50's: The Day The Earth Stood Still
60's 2001 A Space Odyssey
70's Future World
80's Blade Runner
90's Gattaca/Total Recall
2017 Children of men/Moon/Interstellar

Final Project

I would use Classical music melodies into three MIDI files that can modulate the sound variation into a synthesizer. I would use an futuristic sounding background to let the audience visualize the experience of futuristic sounds. My inspiration comes from Hans Zimmer making extensive computer noises and synthesizers in the movie Interstellar which gave the miusic an nice singular quality.