Miranda Barnes

DTC Major | Math Minor | Artistic Media

Kitty Cat Kitty Cat Kitty Cat

The Spirit of Mr. Scrooge is a comic-style video I created using Adobe Premier and Photoshop. This was for a Storytelling class project, and correlates with my teachers production of A Radio Christmas Carol that will be shown on December 20th at Kiggin's Theater in downtown Vancouver. I wanted to excite people who are interested in going to this event, so I decided to create a backstory to A Christmas Carol that explains why Mr. Scrooge is the way he is, and also how his best friend, Jacob Marley, died.

I developed this by using a pre-formatted comic-strip template provided by storyboardthat.com, and used their artwork to present my story outlined by the below script. I then took screenshots of the fully completed comic-strips and edited them into Photoshop, and then dragged them into Premier to create the video. I added my own text box template created in Photoshop to give it a digitally remixed feel. And finally, the sounds included were grabbed from creative commons content on Youtube. Thank you for checking out my website, and I hope you enjoy my digital art!



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