Michael Lessing's Final Sound Installation

An Introduction to my Sound Installation.


Short version

Full version

Artist Statement


The installation mainly consists of one speaker underneath a pillow, placed on a couch. This will require the listener to lay their head on the pillow and listen closely to the sounds.


This was largely inspired by my original midterm installation, which was a speaker inside of a bowl of nachos. Rather than be a soundscape of a single room, I decided to do a soundscape of a day in the life of a WSU student. Not just myself in particular, despite having voicework in the sound work, but what I believe is the typical routine of a student.


My hope is that the listener will hear at least a small portion of the work and get an idea of how much work is put into going to college every day.

Statement of Purpose

I wanted to create something a bit more complex after my single-track midterm, with a somewhat larger message behind it. While this doesn't necessarily have a deep message, it does provide something for some people to think about.


This project has heavy influences from my midterm project, as well as influences from my everyday life. While I don't currently have the ability to drive, nor do we get as much rain as implied in the audio, these are common issues that I and others have likely had in their lives, especially in college.

Fit Within Larger Notion of Aesthetics

The previous works that influenced this and my midterm largely consisted of 10 minute to 1 hour long audio loops of certain sound-based events, such rain or a thunderstorm, the sounds of forest life, or even the sounds of a busy café. While this sound work does not focus on such sound based events, this does give the sounds of a person going through daily events of their own.

Materials & Methodology

I used a recording app available on my phone to record the sounds of two of my current semester classes, as well as many other sounds, such as me walking around different places, and some voice overs to add to some scenes. I did admittedly use sound samples for minor things, such as the rain, some opened doors, and the car noises, but this was more due to either time constraints or not having the resources or conditions to record these sounds properly.


While the sound work did not end up like I originally envisioned, as I had to cut a few bits out, the work still came out rather well, with each portion being short but to the point, resulting in a sound work that is relatively quick to listen to, while still giving the message to the listener.

Self Reflection

This sound work, combined with how the installation is set up, will give the listener the feeling of dreaming these sounds as they sleep. When they are finished, my hope is that they take that experience of being in the ears of a modern college student and judging if the listener had it better or worse in college.