3:15-4:45: Action Session Day 1

MacLaurin D111

    • Who you are?
    • Why you care about digital preservation
    • What preservation project you are working on or what do you not want to see lost due to nobody bothering to do the preservation work?
  • Administrivia
    • Collect email addresses for web site logins
  • Good reference resource:
    • Use it to give us preservation experience
    • <TANGENT> PDF/a vs. web usability
      • A great example of access vs. preservation
      • different goals lead to different choices

Digital Data


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  • Group or small group questions:
    • What matters about electronic literature that is worth preserving?
    • What kinds of artifacts are we talking about preserving?
    • Who are the audiences and stakeholders of archives?
    • 100 years ago :: 100 years in the future
  • Roadmap for the next two days
    • Saturday: what can we borrow that’s already existing?
    • Sunday: what do we need to develop that is unique to ELO?

Notes from Friday’s action session