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Bringing History to the present, through the use of technology.

Welcome to Now iTour, an interactive tour for the Vancouver Barracks.

With the technological capabilities of our headsets, you can explore and interact with the history of Vancouver, Washington like never before.

Marshall House
Officers Row House
Grant House
Howard House
Grant House

About the Project

Through the use of wearable technology, Now iTour aims to create a sense of immersion through interactivity and the freedom to explore. Immersion, along with the rich history of Vancouver, Washington, contextualizes history in a way that transcends time.

Now iTour Trailer

frequently asked questions

What is Now iTour?

Now iTour is a wearable technology project developed by students of WSU Vancouver, in collaboration with the Historic Trust and RealWear.

Is there a certain route that I have to follow?

Due to the interactive nature of Now iTour, sticking to a certain route is not required for a consistent experience. Feel free to explore the tour however you want!

Is Now iTour ADA compliant?

Now iTour is not limited to following a certain route, which makes finding an ADA compliant route very easy! To get an idea of what exploring the tour will look like, check out the interactive map.

Where is Now iTour located?

Now iTour is available within the property of the Historic Trust.

750 Anderson St, Vancouver, WA 98661

How do I rent a headset?

You can check out a headset at the starting point of the tour, the O. O Howard House.

Is Now iTour family friendly?

Absolutely! With all the various stories and activities to encounter along the tour, there will something interesting for everyone in the family to learn.

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