About the Project

Students of the Creative Media and Digital Culture program at Washington State University Vancouver have created a visitors’ engagement tool utilizing contemporary augmented reality technology via smartphone and tablet for Providence Academy in downtown Vancouver, WA. Students also developed an interactive website with a digital timeline that further showcases the accolades of Mother Joseph and accompanies the content of the application.

Application Highlights

Providence Academy Journey (PAJ) is a mobile augmented reality application created to provide an immersive interactive and educational experience. PAJ allows users to simulate the experience of interacting with historically significant aspects of Providence Academy.


Click here for a preview of the amazing immersive content that will be available in the Providence Academy Journey!

Sneak Peak

Have a sneak peek of the application interface.


Follow along through the decades of Providence Academy with this engaging timeline. Simply click on the arrows in the bottom corners to journey through the decades and learn about the amazing history that surrounds this incredible space.


Providence Academy Journey features 10 unique and exciting episodes designed to highlight and celebrate the rich and illustrious history of Providence Academy, its founders, and Vancouver, Washington’s historic figures.

Footsteps of Mother Joseph

Play with an interactive map that depicts Mother Joseph’s journeys she took throughout the region and beyond. See the impact she has left on history and how it still affects each of us today.

Recreation of Surrounding Buildings

View the lost buildings of Providence Academy. Gaze at the 3D rendered representations of the water tower, the old boiler building, and the joint laundry bakery building on the original site.

Sacred Heart Garden

Search for a time capsule buried within the “Sacred Heart Garden.” Interact with the contents hidden inside. Each item in the time capsule is presented in 3D and is of historical significance to Providence Academy.


Learn about the unique architecture of the staircase and the way functioned as an example of passive air conditioning technology.


Witness the history of Providence Academy’s inhabitants and events such as musical productions, celebrations, and graduation ceremonies.

Private Chambers

Explore the space where Mother Joseph took communion during her last days. Witness a never-before-seen view into her personal living quarters.

Mother Joseph Diorama

See Mother Joseph in an augmented reality diorama. Learn about her incredible faith and devotion that fueled her efforts to establish Providence Academy.


Experience the beauty of the shrine that once stood at Providence Academy. PAJ allows you to interact with the shrine and light a virtual candle.

Bell Tower

Experience the history of Providence Academy’s bell through the installation, reinstallation, and the death of two pilots during its transportation. Take the opportunity to virtually ring Providence Academy’s bell.

Historical Figures (Timeline)

Learn about some of the most influential people from the history of Vancouver, Washington. The Historical Figures episode features stories of the significant characters as well as additional information about the contributions.

Meet the Creators

Meet the organization behind the creation of the Providence Academy Journey application.

About the Historic Trust

The Historic Trust’s goal with this project was to have the CMDC program create an application relevant to all ages that would inspire users to look at something familiar and historic with fresh eyes, to learn something new through the means of experimental new technology. The Historic Trust believes in preserving history with the management and renovation of Vancouver’s historically significant buildings with philanthropic capacity and strength in community.

Mission – “The Historic Trust inspires civic pride and economic vitality through education, preservation, and celebration of our community’s history.”

Vision – “The Historic Trust envisions a vibrant community that preserves and celebrates its rich history while shaping its legacy for the future.”

About the CMDC

The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program (CMDC) is a Signature Program at Washington State University Vancouver that integrates research and teaching in an intellectually-diverse, technologically innovative experience. The CMDC applies inter-and transdisciplinary approaches that foster civic engagement from local-to-global contexts in the areas of Digital Humanities, media art, media communication, media studies, information systems.

Providence Academy Journey is an augmented reality application built for the property of Providence Academy in downtown Vancouver, WA. Providence Academy is a historic property owned by The Historic Trust. Learn more about this site and others by visiting The Historic Trust.

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