The numbers are in!

4/18/2016 Crow Chaser hit a new all-time high today. At close, the system had reached a new gain since inception of a whopping 769%. Inception was 7/2005. To put that type of performance in perspective over the same period the S&P is up 68%. That is what can be achieved with active management. This is what comes from a belief … Read More

New Highs – 08 Nov 2015

November 2015 Watching your money grow is quite a thing to witness. Here at Crow Chaser, we are experiencing all-time highs in investment returns. To show the value of steady growth at Crow Chaser and Symphonic Index, we began tracking the value of compound growth by opening an account with $100 on July 2005. As of this month, the account … Read More

Shark Tank Winner -16 May 2014

In May 2014, I attended the National Association of Active Investment Managers or NAAIM conference. At this conference I participated in a “Shark Tank” competition. Out of 22 originally submitted applications, only 9 were selected to present their strategy for investments. The fiduciary expert is allowed 10 minutes to speak about how and why their approach has the winning formula. … Read More

Great Year – 11 Jan 2014

2013 was a great year here.  Crow Chaser returned 62.4% trading Guggenheim Mutual funds.  That on top of a 52% 2012 really adds up.  My IRAs reflect it and I hope yours did also. 2014 is shaping up well with lots of development and new contracts for Scarecrow Trading.  A lot of firms are requesting the ability to use Crow … Read More