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H2O Across the Globe.

"Water is essential to our survival so why is it not guaranteed to everyone, everywhere?"

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Project Details.

The theme of water can be applied to anything and everything. Water is an essential part of human's survival.

Without water, there is no life.

For this project, our group decided to highlight the importance of water and how it can be viewed as a resource diversified in our world. For the visuals of this project our group decided to also learn about rotoscoping and apply that technique to our animation.

Rotoscoping is an animating technique where, “animators trace over live action film movement on each frame to use in an animated film.” Although this process was very tedious and time-consuming, we were able to learn this new technique and work with this style to produce this final project.

Our group found a video online that we thought portrayed the concept of what we wanted to address both simply and clearly. The video we used as a reference guide for our animation is titled, “Rich vs Poor.” By rotoscoping over certain sections of the video we were able to ultimately create a new film sequence.

As Organic Facts states, "Water is an essential component of our body and plays a vital role in maintaining the pH balance of the body, metabolic processes, delivering useful products and clearing waste products, while functioning essentially in nearly all major organ systems of the body." Water is a key component when it comes to the well being of a human being. If a body is constantly hydrated with impure water, this will heavily impact the overall health of the consumer.

Here are a few examples of impure waterborne illnesses:

"Water related diseases cause 3.4 million deaths each year."

The following maps show the improvements of water quality around the world from 2008-2015:

map showing water stats
Statistic Source
map showing water stats
Statistic Source

Remember it doesn't stop here...

While access to clean water around the world has improved over time, there are still many ways in which we can help to enhance the quality of water further for everyone, everywhere.

With hundreds upon hundreds of organizations striving to bring clean and safe water to everyone around the world, it only takes one click of a button to start supporting a good cause.

The Team.

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When Haley isn’t busy trying to paint the world she is drawing, dreaming up story ideas, and trying to improve her animating skills. She has worked with both 2D and 3D animation. This was her first time acting as a Project Manager. She will be graduating from Washington State University, in Fall of 2016, with a degree in Digital Technology and Culture with a minor in English. After graduation Haley aspires to go to Graduate school and study the art of animation more thoroughly.

Haley Zach

Project Manager/Rotoscoper

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Jonathan Johnson is a CMDC student at WSUV. His main focuses are on 3d modeling and animation but he is also skilled in using Photoshop, After effects and Illustrator to a degree. This project was the first time Jonathan has ever done rotoscoping. He agrees that it was a challenging experience but an interesting way of making animation.

Jonathan Johnson


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Trae Herndon is a student at Washington State University. He is currently studying audio performance recording, audio design and audio editing while enrolled in the Digital Technology and Culture program at WSU. There he is working on earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Since his enrollment at WSU he has studied in both DTC and Marketing with additional studies in Management Information Systems. He has earned a certification in Professional Selling Skills and looks to find a career in marketing. He is profishent in Adobe photoshop and premiere Pro. As well as Garageband. Additionally Trae has experience working with Maya to create 3D animation and SketchUp to create 3D archetextural models. During his spare time Trae enjoys building small electronic analogue sythesizers at home using littleBits electronic modules.

Trae Herndon


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Polina is a creative thinker who strives to be original and simple in every aspect of her life - especially when it comes to innovating. She will be graduating from WSU Vancouver fall of 2017 with her bachelor in Digital Technology and Culture as well as minor in Fine Arts. Her strengths lie in multi-media design working with software programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. With a postive attitude and the right mindset, Polina believes the impossible can become possible.

Polina Sklyarova