Egocentricity A Demo For Beautiful Sound Installation on the Web

An Sound InstallationS by Roger Balch


It has been suggested that the meaning of beauty comes from within. That makes it a pretty important element that you will want to look at very carefully. Egocentricity describes what 24 hours in my day sounds like in a brief sound installation.


The original noise is from an alarm clock that I use everyday. The second piece is filler I found from creative commons. Then the rest is exactly the timeline my lines were to be included for. But initially and still. Egotistically its about me.


One might begin to understand why an ego might be important to some people. Even though quite a few people might think of it as selfish. It might even further resolve people's hatred towards selfish attitudes but that is all inspiring to this "about me" showcase.

Statement of purpose

I wanted to accomplish a brief synopsis of why I am for who I am. What makes me feel me. I declare myself as a "Egotistical Bastard" who feels he should have more rights than privileges. Please feel free to have a bit of fun by working through the various stages of my day.


Weird al yankovic I will say is my influence behind this piece. He doesn't let original works disrupt his originality of songs. To me my version of my days are my originality just the same as weird al yankovic.

Fit within larger notion of aesthetics

My work relates to similar works because it describes a day in a timeline fashion. I feel like mine is a copy but different because its my origina idea with a similar layout with additives and filler in a timeline fashion. My work promote the world around me just because it is an original idea it completely strokes the imagination of a generation and it strives them to move forward with whatever attitude suites them or their days.

Materials and Methodology

The programs I used for this project was Garageband and Textwrangler. For the sound pieces I used my alarm clock for the first layer of noise. The second layer was creative commons for the second layer. The last layer was scripted for my day using just me. Plus I hand coded the template for my archival webpage.


I had hoped to achieve the decent attitude I envisioned in my work. The results were not what I envisioned and because of that the quality was not up to par given what I went through outside of school. You should care because I was only able to one hand this piece together and even though my ego is shot at the moment. I was still proud I am able to put something together.

Self Reflection

I had hoped to achieve a greater quality product as I went along in the program. I had intended to have flaunted my ego in this project and I believe my work has the intended final effect given what it has been through. I can measure that based on the reactions of the audience through their expressions if I had reached them. I had learned to keep the process as simple as possible and not make it too complex.

Created: February 27, 2017