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A Sound Installation by Roger Balch


What does a person normally go through when they initially walk into a furniture store? Maybe a clear sense of what they want? What happens when a salesman approaches? Does it alter the decision making of what the customer wants? In some ways it feels the same way as walking into a car dealership, with two different goals in mind from 2 different people but the same outcome. It all happens in an insane environment.


This takes place at a furniture store that could take place today. The work has to do with the customer and the tension that builds up between them and the salesman whose only goal is to make money for the store. A conversation that takes place in both ears, the one side represents the voice of reason, and the other that is pure determination for a sale.


One might sense the tension of the pressure felt initially of making a deal. The salesman, who on one hand has to sell furniture to make commission. As a listener, more often than not you might have had more experience making purchases than selling purchases. One might feel nostalgia from a pleasant experience of handling temptation the right way. Others might feel regret from a bad purchase that shouldn't have been made.

Statement of purpose

The purpose of this sound installation is to recreate an atmosphere a lot of people are too uncomfortable to go through on a daily basis. The main idea is to have people possibly get used to this type of atmosphere and hopefully make a better decision net time on how they can spend their money more wisely.


I just bought a car in lieu of a car crash that happened in February 2017. I was forced to buy a new car and the pressures of taking the first deal set in front of me brought forth some very uncomfortable feelings that an only be dealt with through a strong resolve and plenty of experience to be able to handle the tension in the air.

Fit within larger notion of aesthetics

This work is a liberal piece I believe is an original work that is very different. It is different because it deals with very specific personalities that I don't believe have been brought into other works before. It promotes critical thinking because it shows how we deal with other people in a tension filled environment that is very liberated because it promotes realism and how reality can sometimes get very ugly when it shows our true colors.

Materials and Methodology

I used m Mac that I just recently purchased and installed such programs as Adobe Illustrator, Garageband, and a computer simulated device. I initially wrote a script and did some research on computer modulated voices on what is the right fit on my sound installation. I even had one of my friend's voice as one of the customers on the installation to keep the realism in tact. I kept the music I had used and the computer modulated voice as a public domain search to make sure I was within reason. I even hand coded the piece myself.


The results are about what I hoped for because I was hoping to use technology in a very interesting way. In a way, though, it was different because with the computer modulated voice accent I felt like I had to revise the script a little bit. The results were good as I expected because I always get a sense of fulfillment with the amount of effort I project into any of my projects. The results are important to consider because it should have provided with perspective of a furniture store whose sole employees lives on commission and how they treat people on a daily basis, so in a way it's a humility experience.

Self Reflection

I hoped to provide a sense of realism and perspective to an everyday situational event it did have the final effect that I am striving for and can be measured just by how many people say they understood the sequence of events that took place and if the lesson is the intended one. If in some way it didn't have the success I had hoped for, it can be revised and improved possibly with more customers and perhaps an in-depth interview with an actual customer and a real salesman to get their two cents and true feelings on how customers should be treated employees are to be respected as well. I learned that I had a lot of fun learning different perspectives that different people go through everyday and expanding on ideas that I already had and making them better.

Midterm Sound Installation

Created: April 10, 2017