Sequential Project

The purpose of this project was to create a cohesively designed website that follows a general narrative or easily perceptible train of connected thoughts. I decided to share nine pieces of advice that have carried me through the last couple years of my life. Reinforcing the skill set I acquired during my first websites below, I decided to intergrade jQuery into my practices.

Recipe Project

Focusing on creating a responsive design website with thought-out typography, color and layout birthed this project. With a minimalistic theme, I sampled colors from the imagery to tie in the interface design. My goal with this project was to keep it simple, elegant and intuitive.

Blackbird Project

My first experience with developing a website, Blackbird, is a completed assignment for DTC 355. Learning and applying basic HTML and CSS was my main focus while redesigning Wallace Steven’s poem, Thirteen Ways of Looking at A Blackbird.


Originally created for a final project in DTC 338, Retrograde is a celebration of humanity and the complex realities that we create the world around us to be. However, who we are is not our external circumstances – we are not our fears, we are not our failures, they are the objects that we juggle and we are the juggler. We are infinite change and possibility. Remember to do your soul that favor – let go of the external world and let your heart sing.

Love Like Lewis

Love Like Lewis is a 02:27 sound installation that honors John Lewis and the exposure of the civil rights leader’s spiritual confrontation with himself. It was an assignment for a DTC course and is designed to evoke emotion in the heart of the listener. Dialog and instrumental are used to set the tone and spread the concept of love through a shared experience of John Lewis’s life.