Websites of Interest Description An online magazine for girls interested in science and using their brains!  Created by a local (Vancouver, WA) woman. This site offers directions on how to make a robotic bird with its own personality. Free virtual DIY Camp for teens Jaidyn Edwards You Tube Channel on building Arduino Robots Learn to code interactively for free. Toys and resources for younger girls. Fun experiments, projects and games (for elementary girls) Fun show about using the design process; also games and project ideas (for secondary girls) Find a mentor, be a mentor Great information about all types of engineering. Great information about all types of engineering. Stories of 100 Women Leaders in STEM
Where to Buy Products
Surplus Gizmos (local Hillsboro area)
Radio Shack (many locations)
Adafruit Industries
Spark Fun Electronics
Frys (Wilsonville, OR)

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