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The Creative Media and Digital Culture program at WSU-Vancouver

Lizette Santiago Project Manager 
Maxine Damore 
Front End Designer 
Melissa Fuger    
Content Specialist


Charlotta Abernathy
Doug Abernathy
Jennifer Abernathy
Livia Anderson
Nancy Anderson
Maddy Barber
Meriel Barber
Claire Dougherty
Cece Fox-Middleton
Kimm Fox-Middleton
Sydney Fox-Middleton
Jennifer Hammack
Sarah Hammack
Angela Hamrick
Jason Hanson
Phil Hays
Horenstein Law Group
John Laine
Laura Parker
Kayl Peck
Mary Peck
Robb Peck
Allyson Phoon
Katye Schubert
Tabitha Schubert
Kath Sherman
Olivia Sherman
Kristen Stilin
Neal Stilin
Surplus Gizmos
Vancouver Public Schools